Baylor University Sciences Building

Project Name: Baylor University Sciences Building
Project Location: Waco, Texas
Project Description: The main hub focuses on the interactive four-story atrium with adjacent classrooms, an auditorium, lecture halls, teaching and research labs, as well as some of the interdisciplinary research centers. Three wings house teaching and research activities and include:

  • 33 classrooms, varying in size from small 12-15 seat rooms to a 300-seat auditorium.
  • 161 faculty offices.
  • 153 labs in the building — 75 for teaching, 78 for research.

Project Size (Gross Square Feet) and Type:

New Construction: 508,000 sq. ft. for chemistry, physics, geology, and biology departments

Owner:  Baylor University
Architect: Harley Ellis Devereaux
MEP Engineer:  Harley Ellis Devereaux
General Contractor:  The BECK Group, Alan Ritchie 214-303-6200
Certification Date:  August 2004
Estimated Value: $177,000,000 

Description of Project Services Provided: 

  • Test, Adjust and Balance in accordance with the Associated Air Balance Council procedures: Chilled Water Booster Pump, Fan, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Variable Air Volume Devices;
  • Inside the labs are a total of 260 vent hoods designed to remove fumes and harmful gases. If all of them were lined up end-to-end, they would stretch from the Sciences Building to the Waco Suspension Bridge.
  • There are 22 large air conditioning units in the building.
  • Because of the extensive number of teaching/research labs and associated fume hoods, the Science Building incorporates a sophisticated exhaust system that insures safe exhaust and fresh air exchange … 438,000 cubic feet per minute of lab exhaust air can be generated 
  • The building controls for the Sciences Building have more monitoring and controls points than the entire rest of the campus combined.