Building Performance

Most of the buildings that will be used for many years in the future are already built. Thus, it is important to monitor existing building performance, inspect, test, and analyze the building systems, and develop programs for improvement. This applies to energy performance for programs such as Energy Star as well as environmental occupancy conditions.

The many capabilities of Facility Performance Associates including commissioning, test and balance, energy inspection and analysis, ventilation and air quality testing programs are well suited to maximize existing building performance.

Energy Codes require that buildings meet a prescribed level of energy efficiency performance. The LEED and other sustainability programs require that the facility design be verified for conformance to a required level of energy efficiency. The level of building efficiency can be determined by an energy model simulation that can indicate compliance with codes or programs or the number of points awarded for the efficiency level. If the energy model indicates that changes in design are required to meet the project goals, the Facility Performance Associates computer simulation can be used to evaluate design change options for compliance and to maximize efficiency.

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