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About Facility Performance Associates

Facility Performance Associates provides a coordinated set of services that result in high-performance systems and facilities that maximize the efficiency of both the building and the occupants, thus producing increased profits for both entities. FPA is one of very few companies that provide all of these services as one set of coordinated functions.

FPA provides high performance building services by commissioning professionals, certified test and balance engineers, registered professional engineers, certified air quality technicians, and LEED® and WELL Building accredited professionals to fulfill client needs from the design phase through project completion and operation. Facility Performance Associates integrates independence, knowledge, integrity, and expertise developed over the last several decades and hundreds of projects to increase each project’s energy efficiency and performance. FPA capabilities include the necessary test and balance, commissioning, and air testing equipment to provide all our services.

We provide high performance building services to a wide range of clients in the commercial, industrial, hospitality, educational, residential and medical markets. Expert knowledge and over twenty-five years-experience with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), and WELL Building rating systems, and the development of the national standard Commissioning and Test and Balance programs allows us to assist clients at all levels through each stage during the design, construction, and facility operation processes.

We provide our national standard commissioning and other services to verify system installation, the functional and performance testing, and prepare the documentation of performance for codes and programs and a plan for long term maintenance operations. We take pride in assuring the commissioned systems operate according to the Owner’s Project Requirements before our job is complete.




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